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Q: What does SID stand for?
A: Solidarity, Independence, Democracy - SID is a trade union open to all employees of EU institutions including the officials and other agents of the Communities. Its main purpose is to act in the general interest of the staff, without prejudice to the statutory powers of the Staff Committees.

It shall defend the Rights of all EU institution employees based on EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, Industrial Democracy and within the EU laws.

SID stands for Solidarity (with all those people who earn their money by working for it), Independence (from all those who do not) and Democracy (in all decisions affecting sane, adult people).

SID is a staff association and trade union of people working in the EU Institutions.

Following a SID Referendum in Jan-Feb? 2009, SID members voted in favour of SID joining as an affiliate member of Amnesty International UK (AI-UK) . SID then applied and joined that organization.

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All about SID
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Q: What does SID mean?
A: SID stands for "Solidarity, Independence, Democracy" (SID) which is an independent Trade Union for all employees of EU Institutions.

Q: Where is SID located?
A: SID is in Luxembourg. The president's office is at:
c/o SID president, BECH B2/327, European Commission, Kirchberg, Luxembourg
Q: What are the goals of SID?
A: You may find the details of the SID platform here. And in PDF format
Q: Has SID got any internal rules?
A: Yes it has. Our bylaws are specified here.

Q: How may I join SID?
A: Well, this is very easy. Just complete the membership form provided here and then send it to SID president at BECH A3/166, European Commission, Kirchberg, Luxembourg.
Q: What is the meaning of the Framework agreement under the Social Dialogue?
A: The rules of engagement between the European Commission and its trade unions are defined in the document called the Framework Agreement.
Q: Where do I find EU Charter of Fundamental Rights?
A: It is on the European Parliament's website at this address.

Q: What is the meaning of RAAA?
A: RAAA stands for (Régime Applicable aux Autres Agents des Communautés européennes) or in English: (Conditions of employment of other servants of the European Communities).

Q: What are the roots of SID?
A: You can find all about our backgrounds here.

Q: Is SID a trade union only for the EU Officials?
A: No. SID is for all employees of EU institutions regardless of their categories.

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